I'm an avid Minecraft gamer on the Xbox One. My friend plays on the PlayStation 4. Is it possible for us to play on servers like Hypixel together? And if it is, can we go into each other's worlds if we add each other on such servers?

Also please tell me any way we can interact with each other from outside these servers. Can we use ANY method to go in each other's worlds?


To play with a friend in a server like hypixel, you can play on Mineplex and use /party and then /party invite [gamertag]. If the other person accepts the invite, you will get to the same lobby server. The /party invite command only works if your friend is also on Mineplex. Also make sure you are using the same version as your PS4 friend. Make sure it is better together or above and you 2 are on the same version. The latest version for Minecraft is 1.12.0. You will need this version to play Mineplex.

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