Very recently I have been facing issues with the game in the loading screen, and the loading bar seems to get full and then goes back and starts loading again and after a while, the game says "unable to connect to server", or try different server. This issue never happened before and it's frustrating, to see that I am unable to play the game. Even after restarting my device, reinstalling the game still no use. Note that my WIFI is more than stable and has a proper connection and currently I am using redmi note 7, to play the game. Only recently, I am facing this issue. I also tried various tricks such as opening the game without the wifi on, and when in the login screen I turn it on, but still it keeps on showing that it's loading. Using VPN is another issue, cuz it slows the game down a lot. I have also check with other phones, connected to the same wifi as my redmi note 7, and they show the same issue. I am actually relieved to know that it's not a phone issue, it's either a wifi or a in-game issue. I can confidently say it's probably not wifi. So what can I do to fix this... is it an issue with the game developers. Is anyone facing such issue?

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