I have a couple of stacks of 01/03 and 02/03 vulneraries and I recall in previous games it was possible to merge these to leave just one 03/03 stack to save inventory space.

Is this still possible in this entry?

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    I don't think you can stack them in this game, for whatever reason... I have also not found a way to in playing or researching it. But that seems like such a minor (yet very annoying) oversight that I'll hold out hope that I'm wrong and simply leave a comment... :) – king14nyr Aug 15 at 16:21

Items in this game are in random arrangement (in the order you acquire them perhaps) and cannot be sorted or stacked.

Don't bother organizing your inventories. Just store the items (vulneraries). Trick: give your characters weapons, then give them back their vulnerary.

It really doesn't look like vulneraries can restack. No matter what I try. It hasn't been a mechanic in other games either. (Edit: it was definitely a thing in Shadow Dragon and Awakening — reports scohe001)

Trick #2: Equip/unequip stuff on a character to get items in at least some semblance of order. (Armor first, then weapons, or best>good>okay>bad, or what ever organizational system you like.)

But, good news; they take up almost no space whatsoever. All stack into one item slot in the end, so in total there will be just 4 rusted weapon stacks. Hoard one of each weapon type as they can be useful later.

Don't bother to sell them, you only get ~1g. Waste of time for not much space freed at all.

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    It hasn't been a mechanic in other games either. IIRC, it was definitely a thing in Shadow Dragon and Awakening. It even worked with weapons too!! – scohe001 Aug 17 at 0:21

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