so im trying to complete reports for all characters but i can't get daisy duck, broom for aqua...i don't even know where to get them!!! and captain dark well your supposed to be able to get him by finding him on the command board and boom you get in your report. but i have found him multiple times!!! and still not in my report. i also make sure to win the game just to double check to make sure i need to win the game. so what am i doing wrong!

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  • This question seems like it could be really easily answered with a quick check on the wiki. I'd try to check there before asking a question. – Robbie Aug 14 at 0:37
  • wiki says the following..... To unlock Captain Dark / Captain Justice, you have to play Command Board and trigger them on the special panel.....which i did.....about a dozen times!!!!!!!!!!! and still they won't show up. so i did check wiki. and sadly it says nothing about daisy duck or broom stick unless its on another hidden page or something – Crimzon Aug 15 at 4:13

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