I started playing Dead by Daylight for the first time in a while but when I went to play Freddy I noticed that a lot had changed. I couldn't find any patch notes explaining the update so does anyone know what has changed with Freddy and how to use his abilities?

  • What changes did you notice exactly? Aug 16, 2019 at 0:09
  • 1
    His rework, with the dream snares and all of that.
    – Robbie
    Aug 16, 2019 at 1:41

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DbD's recent patch notes should have popped up when you logged in following an update.

But, if you really want me to repeat the 3.1.0 patch notes here:

Freddy's new ability set includes:

Gameplay and Power changes

  • Microsleep
    • Awake Survivors will see The Nightmare within 16 meters, The Nightmare will be intermittent from 16 meters to 32 meters, and while awake Survivors will hear The Nightmare emit a Terror Radius of 32 meters.
  • Falling Asleep
    • Survivors fall asleep passively over 60 seconds. Once asleep survivors see The Nightmare and hear The Nightmare emit a 2D 32 meter Lullaby instead of a Terror Radius. Once asleep Survivors will see the aura of an Alarm Clock on a dresser.
  • Waking Up
    • An awake Survivor can wake up a sleeping Survivor.
    • Survivors can wake up by failing skill checks.
      • ...unless the Red Paint Brush addon is used
    • Survivors can wake up by going to and removing an Alarm Clock off a dresser.
    • It takes progressively longer for an alarm clock or another survivor to wake up a survivor each time they are woken up this way. This was omitted from the official patch notes.

Dream abilities

  • Dream Snares
    • Dream Snares slow and reveal a Survivors location.
    • Only effective and visible towards Sleeping Survivors.
    • Killers start with 8 tokens, each Snare costs 1 token to place. Only 8 traps can be placed at one time.
    • Equipping the Garden Rake, Prototype Claws, or Paint Thinner addons replaces your 8 Dream Snares with 10 Dream Pallets.
  • Dream Projection
    • Channel the ability to create a husk of The Nightmare at the targeted generator, complete the channel to take the position of the husk.
      • If the Class Photo addon is equipped, all generators start spewing blood instead of a husk appearing
    • Can be cancelled.
      • ...unless you used the Class Photo addon
    • For each sleeping Survivor gain a 15% cool down reduction on Dream Projection.

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