I started playing recently, and in non-lethal areas, the player view automatically switches to third-person.

In story mode areas, it never does that. Haven't tried anything else like Crucible or Raids etc.

I checked the key mapping and could not find anything relevant to player view change.

Is there a way to switch to third person and back on demand?


No Destiny 2 is a First Person Shooter and is marketed as such, for example, on Steam. The only ways to go into third person are:

  • In a safe social area: like the towns.
  • If the weapon switches you to third person mode: like a sword.
  • If you're driving a Sparrow.
  • When using supers.
  • During an emote.

There might be a couple of others but those are the ones I can remember off of the top of my head.

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    The sword point should be taken special note of. You can pull out a sword anywhere and walk around which can be very useful in platforming sections, so it's advisable to always keep one in your inventory if you find this useful. – Chase Sandmann Aug 21 '19 at 19:38
  • Well I mainly use swords in platforming sections if I want to 'airdash' with it but the camera probably helps too. – IG_42 Aug 21 '19 at 22:03

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