The Arcstrider sub-class in Destiny 2, has a number of different moves available when using the super.

Is there a list of specific moves and combinations of strikes to better understand what is possible, or is it just a matter of lots of primary attacks?


Ironically, I've linked to the very page I was looking for.

This page about Arcstaff, lists some combinations.

In the following sections, R1 = Light Attack and R2 = Heavy Attack (on PC, these are bound by default to LMB and RMB, respectively). Light Attacks consume a small chunk of super energy while Heavy Attacks consume a larger chunk of super energy.

R1: Basic attack.
R2: Unleash a destructive wave of energy that travels along the ground.
R1, R2: Basic attack followed by an uppercut.
R1, R1, R1: Basic combo with light conal damage.
R1, R1, R2: Basic combo with a heavy conal finisher.
R2 while airborne: Heavy downward smash. Radial area-of-effect damage centered on the point of impact.

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