I have storage bins all over my base so that when materials from digging is cleaned up it can be put into a storage bin directly available. However, dupes often ignore the closest storage bin. I've seen no effect from the currently stored amount, only that they'll ignore a storage bin that's already full. Sometimes dupes will run all around the map to put something in a storage bin that's almost full.
Edit: All my storage bins are on priority 5.

What is the algorithm for selecting which storage bin materials are stored in?
Also, is there any way to influence what storage bin materials get stored in?

  • Ensure your bins are configured to store the items the Dupes are transporting. – David Yell Aug 28 '19 at 23:31

According to this, there is a hidden priority hierarchy which is enabled by default (when Enable Proximity is unchecked). My guess that it has a queue of errands to ensure that even the most distant ones will be done. Check this box so now dupes will always choose the nearest errand if their priorities are equal.

enter image description here

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Dupes will move stuff into storage bin that has the highest priority. They even move stuff from one bin to another depending on the priority.

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  • All my storage bins have priority 5. – MrFox Aug 24 '19 at 14:39

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