I'm trying to complete the community centre in year 1. Unfortunately, there is no way to acquire a Red Cabbage for the dye bundle until year 2.

The travelling cart is the only way to get them, and that's random. Assuming I remember to check every Friday & Sunday and always have money, what are the chances I'll see a Red Cabbage in year 1?


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You are guaranteed to get Red Cabbage in year one if you enable the correct option.

As of version 1.5, you can choose to enable the Advanced Option: Guarantee Year 1 Completable by clicking on its checkbox.

This ensures that the Traveling Merchant sells a Red Cabbage seed during the first year.

  • According to this Reddit thread, you have

    a probability of 55,5% for getting at least one Red Cabbage within a year or 32,5% for getting Red Cabbage seeds once.

    (As mentioned in the comments, the values used only differ insignificantly from the actual values.)

  • In that same thread, someone mentions using the Stardew Predictor to get an apparently good idea of what items you will get: using this you could see whether or not Red Cabbage will be available to you.

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