I have two wireless Xbox 360 controllers and a wireless receiver, connected to a Windows 10 PC. All were previously working, and the receiver light is working normally.

However, the controllers and receiver don't seem to find each other any more. How can I resolve this?

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This seems to happen now and then after a Windows 10 update. The solution is to force your machine to recognize the device.

  • Open the Device Manager
  • Under "Other devices", locate "Unknown device"
  • Right-click and select "Update driver software..."
  • Select "Browse my computer"
  • Select "Let me pick"
  • Select " Xbox 360 peripherals"
  • From the driver list select "Xbox 360 wirelesss receiver 10.x" (not 2.x)
  • Click "Next"
  • Accept the warning

Your wireless receiver should now work again, and it should detect your controllers.

Source (video tutorial):

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