This is Hratli, great NPC:

This is Hratli in the Spanish (Spain) translation:

Call me weirdo, but I think this actor's voice is awesome, and I would want to browse a list of his works, at IMDB.

Unluckily, I gave away my game copy and I currently can't go search his name in the translation credits in-game.

Can't find those credits online.

At IMDB, I can find Diablo II, but not the Spanish (Spain) translation.

What else to try? Could you help me at this? :)


Hratli is voiced in Spanish by Enrique Santarén (his IMDB entry doesn't mention Diablo).

Here is the list of all Spanish voice actors of Diablo II along with their English counterparts.

  • It's hard to trace his works, but I know it's common to listen his voice (like, this same calmed temperate tone) in TV documentaries.
    – 205822
    Oct 15 '19 at 12:41

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