I was playing Gears 5 the other day, and went into Horde mode, trying it out on Beginner Difficulty.
My squad of 5 included 4 other random players online.
At wave 42/50, we all died for the first time, the game allowed us to continue, and spawned us in again at wave 42/50.
However, all 4 of my "teammates" promptly left and didn't try again.
Thinking I had no chance at killing the final boss on wave 50 by myself, I decided I might as well leave the game as well.
I pressed start, and the only options were Resume, Options, and Leave Game.
I selected Leave Game, and when I got back to the menu screen, the after action report showed 0 EXP gained.
I was certainly disheartened after all that time to not gain any experience.

Did I do anything wrong? Is there a way for me to still gain EXP for my character if my whole squad decides to leave me for dead on a high round?

  • I haven't played Gears 5 so I don't know for sure, but does losing grant partial experience? Even if you didn't finish all 50 rounds could you allow your character to die and end the game by "losing" rather than "quitting" ? – PausePause Sep 12 at 17:07

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