Normally skill gems tell you what their tags are so you know which support gems apply to them and whatnot, but since Bone Armour is granted as a result of allocating the ascendancy point for Bone Barrier, it doesn't seem like I have a way of seeing what the tags are.

What tags are on the Bone Armour skill? I was hoping that if it was tagged Minion I could use it in conjunction with "If you have used a minion skill recently..." effects.


According to a developer reply, Bone Armour is tagged as Duration, Guard, Minion, although it's not affected by global +1 to gem level items. It however does affect "If you have used a Minion skill recently"

  • Is it still affected by nodes that increase the duration of skills? Or do none of the passive nodes affect it since its a skill provided by an ascendancy? – Karan Shishoo Sep 16 at 8:43
  • Yeah, none of the nodes for skill duration affect it, but ironically enough (in what may be a developer error), Steelskin lab enchants do affect Bone Armour – senpai Sep 16 at 8:44

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