I was cleaning my old PS3 discs when I saw that there are 4 letters and a couple of numbers on the left side of the disc.

In the case of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, it is BPDL-246890:

enter image description here enter image description here

What do these letters and numbers mean?

  • While I was writing this question, I saw that my disc of Uncharted 3 has a typo. It says "Estado Unidos" (United State) instead of "Estados Unidos" (United States) while describing the place where it was manufactured. – Lemon Sep 19 at 19:11

It's the Manufacturing Code:

Printed on the discs or packaging of Sony DADC-manufactured CDs are codes indicating master copies (matrix numbers) of discs. These codes begin with a 4-letter prefix followed by a series of digits.

In your case:

BPDL - PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Disc Dual-layer titles

As I cannot find any other information, I'm guessing the six-digit suffix is referring to the specific title.

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    The digits might be the lot or manufacturing plant, because a Google search shows discs in Spanish with 246890 and other ones in English with 246800 (both made in the US). – Lemon Sep 19 at 20:22

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