I am working on a Minecraft mini game. I need a /kill command to kill all of a specific type of item.

  • This is a simple one. If you want to kill an specific enemy/item, just do this commands. To kill a specific type of enemy, do: /kill @e[type=mob], it will kill all mobs of that type, and for a specific item, do: /kill @e[type=item]. Remind to not use mob when using the commands, or else nothing will happen. Use a mob's name(Zombie, for example) for the first command. On the second one, i don't know. I normally used it to kill all slime items on the ground that appeared from the Slime mobs. If you do the second command, it will delete all items on the ground. Sry i can't help you more. – Dark_Daylight Sep 22 '19 at 15:53