I have a Minecraft Realm for my kids and recently opened it up to allow their friends to join the realm. There have been a few incidents since then where something was lost, destroyed, stolen, etc. I know I can look at backups to figure out when something changed and sometimes I can look at last login time to figure out who was playing, but is there any way to look at who was playing in backups that pre-date the last login?

I found an older question about using NBTExplorer, but that doesn't seem to work with MCPE v1.12 and I am hoping that there is an alternative?

Kids are playing on iPads and Nintendo Switches - I use an iPad. Also, I don't have access to a Windows computer, only a Mac.

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    If you find a program that only works on a Windows, you could use Wine, which is can run Windows programs on a Mac. – cherryblossom Sep 26 '19 at 3:51

According to any info about Realms I can find, it doesn't keep any sort of logs that can be accessed by the owner; therefore there is no way to check who was on it when beyond the last login.

Features such as a proper record of login times, chat logs, etc. are only part of a "real" server, whether hosted through a hosting company or run on a computer of your own. Unfortunately Realms' ease of use also limits its features.

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