Do Ash Blocks absorb water, or is that just me? Or is it because of the Underworld?

I was in the Underworld trying to prepare a small pool of water to dump lava into, but the ash block seemed to absorb the water I poured on it.

I guess that's the Water Evaporation effect of the Underworld?

Even though water somehow got deeper than where I am and managed to not evaporate?

Does water only evaporate in the Underworld when touching Ash?


All water evaporates in the Underworld. However, due to the often laggy nature of big bodies of water, sometimes you can glitch a puddle into the Underworld without it evaporating. However, once it settles, if you mine a block from the bottom of that puddle, it will begin to evaporate.

  • Note that the "puddle" can be quite big if you use big bodies of water (ie. pouring an ocean via multiple hell-evators). Sep 26 '19 at 13:44
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    @NahynOklauq You can also instantly settle all this water by savequitting and coming back to the world. I use this to turn the lava in an area to obsidian, so I don't have to make a walkable floor myself or find lava walking boots. Sep 27 '19 at 0:15

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