This being a f2p game, I know I can get more rubies with real world money, but is there a way to get any more in the game without paying money?


At the start of the game you are granted 20 rubies and forced to spend 5 as part of the tutorial. After that, you can gain more rubies from:

  • Leveling up - Each time you gain enough experience to level up you are given an award. Sometimes the award is rubies.
  • Tour gifts - Between certain cups you are given a tour gift. Rubies are sometimes contained in these gifts.
  • Rank-eligible cups - Some cups are "rank-eligible" and will grant you rubies for placing in the top spots.
  • Daily login bonuses - Rubies are awarded every few days.
  • Challenges - After clearing 7 cups you will unlock challenges which sometimes award rubies for completion.

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