If you go to your "resume" or profile page you will see your stats, like so:

The player's stat page in-game

All of those stats are easy to know where the values are from, except one, the Fleet Power.

Yes, it's as simple as leveling up every ship you have and the more powerful they get this number rises. But how?

So I logged every ship's total stats value in a table (a spreadsheet to be exact) and got these stats:

Logged data of stats

None of these values are near Fleet power, the closest is Max.

How does the game determine this value?

Update on Oct 2, 2019

I decided to create a new account just to have a empty dock and for easy logging of ships to calculate.

I played for a bit and got a few ships and I recorded their stats.

Logged data of stats in my new account

Now here's the problem. My Fleet Power is 417. It's below every single stats on my fleet, a complete opposite on my main account which has higher FP than the recorded stats.

I played a bit more and tried to enhance one of my ships by using some low rarity ones, I used 6 of them and recorded my ship's stats once more,

Logged data of stats after some changes

By doing so, my Fleet Power dropped to 297. Which only means, the game takes into account the number of your ships you have into calculating FP.

My question still remains unchanged.

Update on Oct 6, 2019

This time I decided to now include the levels of my ships as I think they are weighted based of that, I noticed it when responding to the comments below.

As for the upgrades/equipment, it does affect FP, for example, removing one in the highest stat ship reduces her stats by 400, and the FP reduces by 4; on the lowest stat ship, removing all of her equipment drops her stat my 200, but no effect on the FP at all

As before, I logged the data of my ships, with levels included:

Logged data of stats and levels

I have decided to just change the ship's equipment and see the ship's stats and Fleet Power difference since its the easiest way of doing it (and I lack the in-game resources to do so). After a couple of minutes, I ended up with these stats:

Select ship's data after some changes

What I got with the results is the FP changes by ~1 by every ~100 change to the ship's stats regardless of level. My claim of the ships is being weighted is false.

Seeing that the ratio of Fleet power to ship stats is 1:100, it doesn't make sense, since that only means the Total Raw Ship power I have is just being divided by 100. 3246 is no where near 4686.

I tried other dumb formulas to get the value near Fleet Power, which is 4686. As a disclaimer, I'm not really good at doing/finding formulas.

In the following examples, I'm going to use variables in for ease.

The Variables:

FP     = 4686          (Fleet Power)

TSP    = 324698        (Total Ship Power)
SPC    = 251           (Ships Count)
AVGSP  = 1293.61753    (TSP / SPC  or average of ship power)
SPMAX  = 4182          (Max Ship Power)
SPMIN  = 397           (Min Ship Power)
SPDEV  = 863.0374934   (Standard Deviation from TSP's data set)

TLVL   = 11253         (Total Levels of Ships)
AVGLVL = 44.83266932   (TLVL / SPC or average level)
LVLMAX = 107           (Max Ship level)
LVLMIN = 1             (Min ship level)
LVLDEV = 29.21239272   (Standard Deviation from TLVL's data set)

Now for the formulas I've tried:

=(TSP / 100) + SPDEV 
Result: 4110.017193

=(TSP / 100) + ((SPMAX + SPMIN) / SPC) + SPDEV
Result: 4128.260221

=(TSP / 100) + AVGSP 
Result: 4540.59753 (close!)

=(TSP / 100) + AVGSP + LVLMAX
Result: 4647.59753 (Even closer!)

Result: 4692.430199 (Went past, but close.)

Result: 4676.809923 (The closest I've got, only away by 10!)

The last formula is the closest for sure, but I am not satisfied by it and I haven't tested it on my other accounts due to lack of time.

If anyone would be interested to all of my data gathered for this question, here's the Google Sheets I used.

  • If you have a single ship, what's it say? ... Does each ship add a predetermined value? – Malady Oct 2 at 14:01
  • The minimum allowed number of ships is two, and after the tutorial and scrapped the newly received ships, the Fleet Power is 122. I constructed a new one, totaling 3 ships now, the FP rises to 159. Scrapping that new ship again drops the FP to 122. The FP calculation seems to follow some predetermined formula, based on the number of ships you have and the individual stat of a ship. – 0x4kgi Oct 3 at 0:22
  • If you have 2 / 3 of the same ship, is the FP a multiple of 2 or 3? – Malady Oct 3 at 3:18
  • After getting 9 new ships, 2 of which are duplicates, the FP is now 362, a multiple of 2. – 0x4kgi Oct 3 at 3:34
  • 1
    No time to conduct any "testing" but I think it looks like HQ level rounded to the nearest hundred and divided by 10 would be a perfect fit to that missing 10. Good catch! – 0x4kgi Oct 6 at 11:16

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