PC Specs: 4 GB RAM DDR4, i5 6th gen (NOTE: I don't have any graphics card.)


Everything runs fine in ultra-low settings and vsync off. I haven't messed with any other settings.

In certain scenes, the hair tends to get messed up. I redownloaded the game and then performed a clean install, and still, the issue persists.

I didn't have any hair issues with any other games I have ever played, and I do play a lot.

Example: Assassin's Creed Trilogy, Mortal Kombat, Batman Arkham Knight, etc.

Sample One

Sample Two

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    You should try and post screenshots instead of photos. It's hard to determine which parts are actual graphical problems, and which parts are problems with the photo itself.
    – Nolonar
    Oct 1 '19 at 19:13
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    ...and explain what "messed up" means.
    – Joachim
    Oct 2 '19 at 9:18
  • I assume you mean the black feathery bits on their shoulders? It's very likely to be a symptom of your underpowered device. Oct 2 '19 at 13:14
  • Exactly:- I mean those " black feathery bits " those should have been proper hairs. Oct 2 '19 at 16:31
  • 'NOTE: I don't have any graphics card' I think your question contains the answer
    – Smock
    Oct 4 '19 at 15:55

According to Steam's page for the game, the following are minimum requirements for the game:

  • Intel CPU Core i5-2500k @ 3.3GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 940
  • 6 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870

You don't seem to meet even the basic processor and RAM requirements, not to mention a missing GPU in the mix. You should expect behavior like this, and worse. The developer sets a minimum standard for good reason.

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