The quickest way to drop full stacks of items in Minecraft (on a Mac) is to use Command-Q. But that keyboard shortcut is already set by Apple to quit the application. Is there a way to disable Command-Q to quit in Minecraft? I don't want to change the drop item keybind.


Mac likes to be annoying when it comes to game shortcuts, but you can override the Command-Q shortcut to use Minecraft's method of dropping items by using Ctrl-Command-Q. If you want to learn more about Minecraft shortcuts you can check out this website.

  • To be fair, the same issue would likely occur if MC had Alt + F4 set for this keybinding on Windows. Inconsiderate third-party development != Apple being annoying with keyboard shortcuts. – l3l_aze Oct 3 at 22:52

If you'd like to, you can remap it globally at the system level under Preferences -> Keyboard -> Accessibility. This answer has suggestions ranging from setting Cmd + Q as the shortcut for "invert colors" to "do not disturb".

Of course, this will change it for all apps though, and you'll still have Cmd + Option + Q for Force Quit, but that's obviously harder to accidentally do.


There is now way that you can turn off the Mac Command-Q. So you will need to change it in Minecraft to different keys.

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