In Fallout Shelter, when you go on high-level Quests, you can encounter Giant Glowing Radscorpions, which seem to have a special ability which kills a dweller in one hit, which is particularly bad when playing on Survival Mode.
Is there any way to survive it, except for killing it off quickly with Criticals?


From what I was able to discern, you're not missing anything; these enemies are just way over levelled.

Am I missing some critical strategy to taking these s***heels down? They've literally one-shotted a level 50 god-tier dweller at full health on 3 separate occasions. I'm talking "maxed stats at level 1, then trained to 50 with E7 wasteland gear" dwellers. Statistically perfect dwellers, and that pounce attack takes them from full health to zero in one shot.

However, the tactic (for the time being; until/if they get nerfed) is to use pets.

I switched my tanks from +damage resistance pets to +health pets, and it seems to have made a huge difference...radiation damage isn't affected by damage resistance, but it does do a flat amount of health damage, so health pets are WAY more useful than resist pets in questing. They inherently improve resistance to both types of damage.

I now use my resist pets exclusively on the dwellers I send out to scavenge by themselves, and use the health pets on my melee tanks for overseer quest groups. It's made it way easier to manage the radscorpions... or maybe I just haven't met the badass one again quite yet. Either way, it makes sense from a strategic standpoint.


  • Strange. I've never had any problems. The only dweller that got one-shot was a non-max-level hit by a alpha deathclaw. – Stop Harming Monica Oct 4 at 15:10
  • 1
    So a maxed dweller with a Health pet is able to survive that critical hit? – John Oct 4 at 16:23

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