How does defeating every Minecraft boss affect the game? Does it give you a special item or achievement or some diamonds or something like that?

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    I believe killing the Ender Dragon and the Wither do unlock an achievement in the achievements page. I havent played really since 1.12 so Im not sure if new bosses have been added. Killing the Ender Dragon also unlocks the End world where you can find shulker boxes and eltrya which can be seen as the special item. Plus killing the Wither gives you some star object thing (dont remember name) that can be used to create a beacon. Finally I think both give a bounty of xp. – Kyle Rone Oct 3 '19 at 19:26
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    @KyleRone It's called a "nether star". – pppery Oct 3 '19 at 19:45

The Wither

  • 50 experience
  • 1 nether star
    • Can be used to craft a beacon with 5 glass and 3 obsidian
      • Can provide speed, haste, resistance, jump boost, strength, and/or regeneration to players nearby

The Ender Dragon

  • 12,000 experience if it was the first time you killed it, otherwise 500 experience.
  • If you killed it for the first time, a dragon egg generates above the exit portal.
    • The rarest item in the game as you can only legitimately gain 1 per world
  • The exit portal (the bedrock structure in the centre) activates
    • Allows you to return to the Overworld
  • An end gateway generates floating within 75–100 blocks of the exit portal (up to 20 times)

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