On a Nintendo Switch, when you play Rico, how do you add the second player for a local coop game with split screen? I am trying case mode, but can't find out how to add my friend. I don't have Nintendo online, and for local coop with split screen I should not need it.

  • Hey, welcome on Arqade SE. If you haven't already, you should take the tour and read the help center if in need of guidance. I don't know this game, but usually, games don't allow multi-player in tutorials. – Zoma Oct 4 at 13:02
  • I can't add the second player in any mode. I bought the game only because it is supposed to be a couch coop game. Thanks for the comment – Malkavian Oct 4 at 13:05

Eventually I found out. Disconnect the second controller from the switch via the controller menu. Enter the game and go into the lobby. Reconnect the second controller. It will appear a player called player split screen.

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