I see things one can do against elemental damage- such as „ward“, but nothing against poison. Just began an abyss run and got wrecked by those obnoxious poison-skeevers...

Edit: Now that my alchemy laboratory finished, I can brew some weak potions to protect myself. Is this the only option?

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Below I list the things I found out. But If you’re looking for a single practical strategy, the chitin shield alone has so far (lvl 20) proven sufficient to protect me from almost all poison attacks.

More Observations

As evidenced by the following icon and confirmed here poison is counted among the types of elemental damage. enter image description here

Accordingly, the possibilities are more than I feared:

  • Spell: Resist Elements
  • Spell: Ward
  • After building the Alchemist‘s Shop: specialised cordial
  • Perk: Combat focus. Grants 9% resistance to any kind of damage, but only while using an ability.
  • Chitin shields frequently and equipment offer huge block Boni against poison.

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