I'm playing Terraria on PC, Expert mode.

Strictly focusing on a Yoyo build, I'm stuck on the Malaise Yoyo for a while. I've killed the Eye of Cthulhu and King Slime with this Yoyo but right now I think it's quite weak in taking down next tier bosses like Skeletron and Queen Bee.

I've taken a look at the wiki but all the next tier yoyos are drops by mobs and I don't like farming hours for a specific yoyo.

Are there any ways to get a more powerful yoyo other than farming mobs?

  • If you've looked at the wiki then you already know the progression and how to get every yoyo. – Stop Harming Monica Oct 8 at 14:09
  • The limited range and throw time makes most pre-hardmode yoyos unsuitable for bosses. They are much better used for general caving. – Stop Harming Monica Oct 8 at 14:44
  • Why yoyo? Is it some kind of self-limitations or what? I'd switch weapons depending on drop, summons are very powerful at start. I find yoyo only good if you want to safely and slowly do damage to something, e.g. sitting inside rectangle at night with small hole on the side, while attacking flying eyes and zombies outside, otherwise its performance is lacking. – Sinatr Oct 8 at 15:13
  • @Sinatr I'm kind of challenging myself to beat the entire game with yoyos only – SlayerDiAngelo Oct 8 at 15:38
  • I think we can answer a "How to Beat Skeletron with Malaise", since that's pretty specific... But do you have a Counterweight? – Malady Oct 9 at 18:51

Your options are pretty limited. You can get the Amazon, which is a 20 damage yoyo (compared to the Malaise's 16). It can be crafted from materials found in the jungle. The only other alternative is Code 1, which is randomly sold by the Traveling Merchant (so it's unlikely to show up by the time you progress further).

Every other yoyo requires either Skeletron to be defeated or for Hardmode to have started.

  • Is the Amazon worth getting? I see only a damage boost of 4. – SlayerDiAngelo Oct 7 at 16:40
  • 7
    @SlayerDiAngelo Well mathematically, compared to what you have now, it's a 25% damage increase. – Mage Xy Oct 7 at 16:45

From the wiki"

These are all the pre-hardmode yoyos.

  • 1
    This is a) not in order and b) ignores the OP's parameters – Stop Harming Monica Oct 8 at 14:07

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