I'm doing a club for school but we're running into a few problems.

  1. When any of us try to log in we get an error saying that we have an Invalid Username or Password and if our account was created past Nov. 2012 use your email. We can hold enter down and soon enough we can get in but then we run into problem 2

  2. When we try to join any multiplayer server it won't let us. We've tried the server we made for the club and other servers like mc.hypixel.net. We just get the error Failed to log in: Invalid Session. We get this error every time and only 2 people have been able to actually connect. We can't even connect through LAN

At first I thought this might have been a firewall problem but I personally have played Minecraft on the Wifi with no problems before. How can I fix this problem?

  • This is just one problem, you can't log in. No idea why it lets you proceed if you spam Enter, but that seems to start the game in offline mode, which does not let you connect to servers. – Fabian Röling Oct 7 at 20:16
  • My answer does fix the problem. Just too much for the internet to handle I guess. – Robbie Oct 8 at 1:15

It looks like the problem was that to many people were trying to launch Minecraft at once. I guess that it overloaded the server. Once everyone left it all worked perfectly.

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