Currently on Chapter 4, and while exploring around some of the abandoned houses in the West End, I found a house broken open with blood stains everywhere. On walking in, my character remarked on the blood, and a quest called "Like Father, Like Daughter" was added to my log with an accompanying 'citizen in peril' (the head with an exclamation point) icon on my map in a very out-of-the-way location - the kind that means you need to save them tonight or they're gone for good.

Looking it up, it seems the character is Louise Teasdale and she's trapped in the sewers. I really want to rescue her, but all the game guides seem to suggest I should be exploring the sewers during Chapter 5 and first encountering her then.

This leaves me with two questions: A) can I explore the West End sewers now and rescue her in Chapter 4? and B) if I can't, will progressing the game until chapter 5 without manually resting count as going to a new night (and cause her death), or can I make it to Chapter 5 and rescue her then?

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I did some more in-depth exploring in my game this evening, and can now confirm that yes, it is possible to rescue Louise in chapter 4.

It's significantly more difficult, because the quest marker for Louise is nowhere near the entrance to the West End sewers (which is located in the northwest-most corner of the West End park, right at the corner of the map) so some exploring is necessary, and because going through the sewers in chapter 4 will have you fight a Vulkod miniboss whose health and damage seem calibrated for players in chapter 5. However, with some perseverance I was able to find and save her in the sewers and complete the sidequest before chapter 5.

Additionally, the transition from chapter 4 to chapter 5 didn't force me back to my Pembroke bed, so I suspect I could have also successfully saved her by proceeding to chapter 5 so long as I didn't manually rest at any point.

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