I've looked at previous threads and information and not found an answer so here I am! First of all, if you need access to any data from my server let me know, I'm more than happy to supply it.

The problem is this: Before editing Bukkit and Spigot mobs rarely spawned, now that's fixed, however, if one player loads a location, and stays in said location, and another player comes online, the second player will have either no mobs spawning, or one to two spawning. Could I limit the mobcap a single player so that if another player were to log in, they would have a mobcap of their own to deal with? (1/2 of the mobcap, with it distributed across evenly with players, which I guess you could say 1/x, with x being the number of players online {in this case two})

Eg: 160, but only 80 spawn for player 1, and when player 2 logs in, player 2 gets 80 for them too, Then if a third player were to join each player would get ~50 mobs as their mobcap

If it helps, we have stackmob installed.

  • The mobcap should already increase when a second player logs in. If not, that's a Spigot bug. – Fabian Röling Oct 8 at 2:42

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