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I've acquired two of the three years I need from Gerudo Village but still need a third. This one in particular is taunting me… I see a relatively easy solution using hover boots, but I can't find any. I've got the hookshot, the power gauntlets, the feather, etc., but this year still eludes me.


I stumbled upon the solution. Given the limitations of the switch for now the answer only lives as this tweet, but all you have to do is:

  • Use the non breakable block to get onto the pile of sand
  • Place the non breakable block next to the gear
  • Move to two tiles away from the breakable block (see diagram)
  • Move right so you're facing the block
  • Use the feather to jump onto the block
  • Move up to collect the gear
 . . *     * gear
 @ : O     O non breakable block on sand mound
 : : .     : sand mound
 o . .     o breakable rock on ground
           . ground
           @ you on sand mound

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