Is it possible to lock or set the world seed in Noita on Linux, to replay it?

Start screen with seed


Based on this script:

One-time setup:

  1. Disable Steam Cloud synchronization, if enabled. Otherwise Steam seems to detect your shenanigans and reverts the files when starting the game.
  2. Set the Noita launch options to -magic_numbers magic.txt -no_logo_splashes.
  3. Create the seed file with the number you want:

    printf '<MagicNumbers WORLD_SEED="%s" />' 12345678 > "$(locate --regex '/steamapps/common/Noita$')/magic.txt"

Every time you want to run with a specific seed, remove the current save files and relaunch:

rm -r "$(locate --regex '/steamapps/compatdata/881100/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/LocalLow/Nolla_Games_Noita/save00$')/"{magic_numbers.salakieli,player.salakieli,world,world_state.salakieli}; steam steam://rungameid/881100
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