I've seen people playing local coop in split screen with Resident Evil 5. How do you do it in the Nintendo Switch demo?

  1. In the Main Menu, press PLAY GAME
  2. Select EPISODES
  3. Choose NEW GAME or CHAPTER SELECT (choosing new game in this tutorial)
  4. Pick Difficulty
  5. In the next screen that appears, navigate to the top option, GAME TYPE. The default mode should be SINGLE PLAYER
  6. Change the Game Type to SPLIT-SCREEN (last option, press Right twice)
  7. Press START GAME and enjoy local split-screen co-op :)

Split-Screen game type in RE5 Switch

Image courtesy of this Youtube video -- it's showing CO-OP, but you should press Right once more to select SPLIT-SCREEN. This is the best screenshot I could find

  • If you happen to choose CO-OP, then once gameplay starts, press Start and select SPLIT-SCREEN in the menu to change. You'll be prompted to connect 2 controllers :)
    – Prid
    May 13 '20 at 3:51

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