In the mobile game The Sandbox (not the sandbox evolution) I want to create a world but I need to know the amount of pixels on each side and how many pixels make up the grid (it's a retro style game). I've searched Google, and since it's a dead game all that pops up is stuff about The Sandbox Evolution or other games.

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    I would create a tag for you, but a web search for "The Sandbox Game" gives me multiple different results. Can you be more specific about which one you mean? – Philipp Oct 13 at 14:09
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    if you search "The sandbox pixowl" (pixowl because they made the game) there will be a sidebar with information. make sure you dont get confused with the sandbox evolution. thank you! – Whamboy Oct 13 at 14:34
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    it seems like The-Sandbox is appropriate for the tag name. I linked the games site in your question as well to help clarify. – Timmy Jim Oct 13 at 15:33

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