I recently deleted Minecraft PE on my apple device. I want to download it again but for some reason it says need to buy it again. I can play it on my phone and not on my iPad. I’m using the same email on both. I’d rather have it on my iPad not on my phone.

I don’t want to buy it again and I really need some answers on how to fix this.


In the App Store, click the top-right icon of a person’s silhouette. Click Purchased > My purchases (you may not have to press my purchases if you are not in a Apple family, I don’t know) and then type in “Minecraft”. It should come up with a little cloud icon with an arrow. Click the cloud to download.

Note: if Minecraft was originally bought by someone else in your Apple family, instead of going to Purchased > My Purchases, go to Purchased > (whoever purchased it).


It seems a question for Ask Different Stack Exchange...

Mostly because you have signed out your apple ID and you can try to sign in the apple ID you have downloaded minecraft in and you can type the cloud download button and you can download it again.

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    He never says he signed out of his apple id. – Robbie Oct 14 at 0:35

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