After you get transported to the future in Cadence of Hyrule, there are just a few options for where to go:

  • Go down the stairs and fight your way through a typical dungeon.
  • Go into the main castle entrance and fight Ganon.
  • Go into the side entrance to solve a puzzle for an item.

It seems strange that you can fight Ganon without going through the dungeon first. Upon completing the dungeon, it leads out to the right castle wall. Although it appears that you couldn't get to this place except by going through the dungeon, it doesn't seem like there is anything to do here. Is there an item or a secret that requires completing the dungeon?

I can't remember if we received any of the unique/legendary weapons in this dungeon; but even if we did; we could have just warped out after getting all items instead of actually completing the dungeon.

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