After defeating Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005)'s difficult Blacklist drivers you are given the option to pick two of three available Reward Markers. These rewards include cash bonuses, get-out-of-jail cards, extra impound strikes, reclamation of impounded vehicles, and best of all: the title to your opponent's vehicle, in the form of a "pink slip".

While a 2/3 chance of selecting the pink slip reward marker is pretty fair, how could I guarantee that I am awarded my opponents unique vehicle every time?

I found this exploit which states the reward markers are not randomized and, for instance, I could choose the first marker to earn Sonny's car (Rival 15), and choose the third reward marker to earn the Baron's car (Rival 10). However, the wikia article says the rewards are randomized and I don't want to waste my only opportunity on something I can't confirm. In addition to the IGN article referencing the PlayStation 2 version of the game while I play on the Xbox 360 version.

Is there any way to "reroll" reward markers if I select the wrong one? This question can encompass exploits, save scumming, or any other means of guaranteeing I get these unique and highly modified vehicles, ideally without having to redo the difficult race against the Blacklist rival.

  • Not applicable to your situation, but I emulated the game on PCSX2. I just used save states before picking the items. The Xbox 360 version is vastly different than the PS2 version though, so I'd be wary of those guides. Oct 17, 2019 at 12:23


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