so I play ranked a lot and my league launcher somehow only opens after the 2-3 minute mark meaning my teammates can remake before I can even get in the game and I always get the 20 min queue for 5 games can anyone please help me

  • Good to see I am not alone with this. So far I always restarted my PC and after that it worked. Though that always also exceeded the 2-3 minute mark you mention. Yet, afterwards I can play normally as the client launches as it should. – XtremeBaumer Oct 23 '19 at 6:12

You should attempt a repair. You can repair the client before you log in.

If this fails you should contact Riot Support by logging into the website with your riot games account and sumbitting a support ticket. Theyw will be able to help you fair better than anyone here.

  • Also in the option page of the launcher, there's a 'Repair' option that will look at the files and redownload anything that is corrupted or wrong. – Fredy31 Oct 29 '19 at 18:24

Try to play with another account in your PC, with this you can determinate if your client need to be repair or not. If after doind that test the problem persist contact them.

P.S: I remember you that u can still unistall League of legends launcher and install it again.

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