I'm looking for a list of shaders that are animated, or having "moving" textures, like Gambit Emerald, Rasmussen Clan (the only two I own that seem to be animated). There's no specific category listing in the Collections Page separating animated from non-animated ones.

  • Night's Chill, Satou Tribe and New Age Black Armoury are animated ones I know of not in your list. Browse a list of shaders here, data.destinysets.com filter by ItemCategory 'Shader'. Might need a collaborative answer.
    – Neon1024
    Commented Oct 25, 2019 at 9:28

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From mementos (crafted weapons only):

  • Gleaming Keepsake - flawless trials card
  • Triumphant Keepsake - vanguard GM nightfalls
  • Scaly Keepsake - gambit
  • Rime Keepsake - The Dawning
  • Twighlight Keepsake - Festival of the Lost
  • All Stars Memento (shader name unknown?) - Guardian Games

Questionable Visibility

  • Photo Finish* (The physical textures don't change, the glow changes colors)
  • Tidesmoke* (This is almost imperceptible other than on specific sparrows)


  • Ablaze - Eververse season 23 +Luminous Void - Eververse


  • Blueshift Dreams
  • dawning elegance
  • goldjay
  • Amethyst Bloom
  • Gambit Emerald
  • First Frost
  • Seven Sisters
  • Amethyst Bloom
  • Mystoposphor
  • Copperbrandm
  • Laguna Cruiser

Possibly Unobtainable

  • New Age Black Armory
  • Bergusian Night
  • House of Meyrin
  • Satou Tribe
  • Rasmussen Clan

I will add any more that I find when I can.

  • 1
    New age black armory shader can be obtained by dismantling black armory stuff that Ada-1 sometimes has in stock. (Last week she had)
    – DrFish
    Commented Mar 7 at 6:11

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