In Farm Manager 2018, I had a field manager assigned to a field of buckwheat. We finished the first harvest in midsummer and she then proceeded to replow and recultivate the field for the second planting. As she went to get the precision seeder and tractor, I went and bought a second plot of land. This appears to have confused the NPC AI, because the field manager fetched the tractor, and then decided to take a joy ride off of the farm and straight off the edge of the map!

Exit stage North...

Since she's busy, I can't fire her (the 'release' button on the detail dialog is disabled.) Since the tractor is in use, I can't sell it and buy another one. I removed her as field manager and replaced her with another worker, and all this resulted in was her doing a wide loop, re-entering the playable map from the west, then exiting North again.

I also tried reloading a previous save immediately after the previous harvest. After the worker plowed the field and cultivated it, I intentionally didn't buy more land ... and the same thing happened!

How can I get my tractor back? (Worker too if possible.) Getting a way to fire the worker/sell the tractor would also be an OK solution. I don't use mods, but if there's a "console" way of forcing an asset reset I'd be open to that as long as it doesn't disable Steam achievements.

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