This question assumes that when lynched the items stay on the one lynched.

So if a Banshee is lynched they are seen visiting from the Graveyard as established by und-006. Banshee is also unique that they are one of the only roles seen visiting from the graveyard.

An Invisibility Cloak hides the one visiting. So if a Banshee is lynched with an Invisibility Cloak on them will they be seen visiting from the Graveyard?


I would guess: No.

The Disruption Orb appears to affect a Banshee in the graveyard (see dov-666), so it seems logical to assume that other items with passive effects will also affect a dead Banshee.

  • Correct, the cloak doesn't care if they are alive or not.
    – StormFoo
    Oct 28 '19 at 11:50

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