I'm playing Paper Mario for the N64. Just got to Shiver City and I noticed the ice has text in it. What does this say? Is it documented anywhere?

enter image description here


Figured it out. It's nothing - just a graphical error with Mupen64. Here it is again after I talk to the toads next to the pond. It must be overlaying some text that either the green penguin or the penguin blocking the east gate said.

enter image description here

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    It's interesting. I managed to figure out some of the words in your OP. The first line (it's flipped upside down): "-ave (save/have?) him to- (ta-?)". The second line: "-hing (thing/something?) near-". Since it's a graphical glitch it's likely it's part of a conversation you have with an NPC/ – Ben Oct 31 at 3:51
  • For the record (minor spoilers), this video shows how the ice is supposed to look. Mupen64 appears to be mixing up which texture to use for the ice surface. – Toomai Nov 1 at 10:51

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