Despite my desktop having more memory and a faster CPU, Factorio runs much slower on it than it does on my MacBook Pro because of my motherboard's memory limitations. Rather than drop $300 on an upgraded motherboard and memory and in true Factorio style I prefer to optimize my factory.

Is there anything in particular I can design into my base to make it less memory-intensive?

I have:

  • a 2x4 fully saturated nuclear power plant
  • enough beaconed furnaces to output 9 full blue belts of resources
  • 10 resource outposts
  • a laser+gun+flame wall
  • a rectangular base with complete logistic coverage from a 10x15 roboport grid

I've tried the show-active-entities-on-chunk-counts from the F4 menu and it doesn't seem to correlate with the slowdown, but I can't be sure. I see TONS of data on F5, but it's hard to tell what might be relevant.

Which parts of my base likely take up most of my memory bandwidth? Then I can focus on optimizing or eliminating them to improve my UPS.

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    Are you concerned with memory volume, or memory speed? How are you verifying that's the issue? – Carl Kevinson Nov 1 '19 at 18:13
  • I have 32GB RAM and my usage is far under that, so my primary concern is memory speed. I haven't verified for certain - but my research online tells me that Factorio is primarily CPU and memory speed constrained, and since my desktop PC has a faster CPU than my MacBook and both have an SSD, I am assuming by the process of elimination that it is memory speed based. Also - my motherboard constrains the memory speed on my desktop to 2133 MHz. – Cory Klein Nov 1 '19 at 21:13

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