In the newly released Steam Library, there's a section at the top of the library home labeled "What's new", which shows in a single place all recent news for the games in your library. However, most of the updates I'm seeing are for games I've long stopped playing.

Can I exclude those games from appearing in the "What's new" section?


At the moment, you cannot remove games completely via the interface.

However, an alternative is to right click and select "Show Less From Game", which will remove the update and reduce frequency of that game's update appearing on your news feed.

Show Less From Dota 2

After enough clicks, it should stop appearing completely and thus show news from your more recent games instead.

  • "it should stop appearing completely".. well, all I can say - it doesn't. As a proud owner of 1000+ games I am getting swarmed with ALL news. Those "show less/more" are probably meant if you keep news (don't click "remove this update" to clear up), they move news back/forth in the list, nothing else.
    – user135338
    Nov 8 '19 at 15:11

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