Pillars of Eternity 1 (PC, Steam, all DLC). I am doing a clean play through and recently just noticed that human skeletons are spawning in random places. They're not actually NPC skeletons -- they don't move around or attack. They're just frozen in place standing. Sometimes they're pointing (but not at anything.)

At first I saw them outside and thought nothing of it -- eg maybe something had died and the game was rendering the corpse funny. But I just entered Dyrford, and went upstairs at the Inn to warn the thief lady. After I warned her, the game did a fade-to-black as she left; when it came back, my party exited the room and found a random skeleton at the top of the stairs.

Skeleton at the top of the stairs

It's not clickable or anything. It also clearly shouldn't be there.

Another example: random "running" skeletons spawned in the great hall of Caed Nua:

Two "running" skellies in Caed Nua.

I don't recall this ever happening on my previous play-through. Googling hasn't found very much of anything, other than a bug that was patched in 2015 where hostile skeletons would spawn randomly.

What's the deal with these skeletons?

  • What a weird bug... I would suggest to post this to Obsidian forums as you may get a response from an Obsidian employee. – Aventinus Nov 4 at 10:16

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