Potions can survive at y=65

One potion was thrown into the void, but instead of being killed, it just lingered there.

Any ideas to kill it? I can't just run /kill @e[type=!player,tag=test1]

(yes, the tag of the entity is indeed test1 )


First, create a scorebaord called "y".

/scoreboard objectives add y dummy

Then, the following commands are:

/execute as @e[tag=test1,type=!player] store result score @s y run data get entity @s Pos[1]
/kill @e[scores={y=65}]

The first one will give the score to the Potions acording to their Y axis and the second one will kill every entity that has their y coordinate to 65. Note that it will only work in that specific hight.

If you wish to kill everything from 65 and above use:

/kill @e[scores={y=65..}]

Side note: The void is actually under the 0 Y axis and not above or in the 65. Not sure what you meant there.

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