How can I get a list of every item with a unique ID in Minecraft 1.14.4 in an easy-to-process format? I'm making a data pack that requires a loot table with every item, and it would take much too long to manually type in ~900 items.


I made a JSON list (Pastebin link).

I ran this script on the Blocks page on the wiki:

const table = document.getElementsByTagName('table')[0]
const rows = table.querySelectorAll('tbody > tr')
const blocks = [...rows]
  .map(r => {
    const as = r.getElementsByTagName('a')
    return as.length === 1 ? as[0] : as[1]
  .map(a => a.textContent.replace(/'| /g, '_').toLowerCase())

and this one on the Items page:

const items = uls.reduce((ids, ul) => {
    .map(li => li.children[1].textContent.replace(/'| /g, '_').toLowerCase())
    .forEach(i => ids.push(i))
  return ids
}, [])

Disclaimer: The script just converted the names to snake_case and I haven't double-checked them, so some of them may be wrong.

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