In Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime I have received three different types of gems inside little presents:

- power gems
- beam gems
- metal gems

In the early game (Ursa Major campaign) can more than one gem be added to the ship's equipment? I can't exactly determine what happens, because

I put a Beam gem into the shied, and it started reflecting bolts back at the enemy, but then when I tried to add a Power gem to the shield also, I couldn't determine if the Power gem simply replaced the Beam gem, or if it was additive.

Wikipedia says that "Creatures saved count towards improving the effectiveness of the ship by allowing two gems per station", and I can't tell if that needs to be unlocked by saving more bunnies.

Can you put multiple gems into the Gumball ship's equipment during the Ursa Major campaign?

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In this game, you'll be able to do campaigns again after completion. Based on how many lovers you saved, you'll be able to unlock different upgrades.

So, you can combine gems in this campaign, but only after playing a bit. On a first run I don't think that's really doable.

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