To upgrade my super pets, I need Super Pet Snacks, and a lot. For example:

Each spawn can give 5 snacks, but obtaining the components required to spawn isn't trivial and limited as well, e.g. can't buy them in shop.

Is there any way besides spawning to get the Snacks directly?


I have not seen these cookies enywhere else than the bazaar ($$$) I am afraid. enter image description here

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    Yeah, smart move on the business side: they provide the pets for free, but to make them stronger you have to pay, or wait for really long time. :/ – Shadow The Vaccinated Wizard Nov 21 '19 at 7:05

I got 50 Spawning Agents (which can be used to create 25 Pet Snacks) in a "Sign-In Daily and Win" event, which takes place every month or so:

So to get snacks, you should just sign in every day to get those bonuses, and have lots of patience. :)

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