In a PUBG, the are notifications in the upper right corner that show various things:

  • player kill and with what weapon "PlayerA [weapon_symbol] PlayerB",
  • death from an environmental effect (fall, vehicle impact, drowning, etc.),
  • death from the blue zone,
  • death from the red zone.

pubg kill feed

I am particularly interested in the weapon icons. I mostly cannot recognize the DMRs and SMGs clearly.

  1. What is the comprehensive list of these notification "events"?
  2. Is there a setting to show the weapon names instead of icons? If yes, where do I turn it on/off?

Is there a comprehensive list of these notification "events"?

There is a list of all weapon icons that you can relate back to the weapons kill feed.

This doesn't include environmental or blue zone deaths but those are unique and aren't really in need of a comprehensive list.

Is there a setting to show the weapon names instead of icons?

There's no way to change the icons into names, only the option to turn the feed on or off. (Settings > Gameplay > UI > Icon Killfeed)

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You seem to have the icon killfeed feature turned on. Here's how you can turn it off:

To turn off the icon killfeed, simply go to your PUBG in-game settings, and under the “Gameplay” tab, under the “UI” section, you’ll see “Icon Killfeed”. Simply switch it to “OFF” and you’re good to go!

enter image description here

After that, your killfeed will show messages like this:

[attacker] knocked out [victim] with [weapon]
[attacker] killed [victim] with [weapon]


[player] was heavily injured from [environmental damage]
[player] died from [environmental damage]

And, no. There is no comprehensive list of kill feed notifications.

  • "And, no. There is no comprehensive list of kill feed notifications." - There are. – n_plum Nov 21 '19 at 19:40
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  • @n_plum, if you update your answer tell us about comprehensive list of the killfeed notifications I'll be much helped. – Meraj al Maksud Dec 4 '19 at 16:22

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