Is there any decent1 way to farm iron in Minecraft Bedrock edition (survival mode)?

The best I've found so far is this silentwisperer's tutorial based on Pekoneko's iron golem farm. But despite it being designed specifically for Bedrock edition, it seems to have some reliability issues, according to people's comments. I'm willing to spend the week it would take me to build it, but not if it's going to need repairing every time I log in the game.

Laking of another solution, I'm just mining the iron, which is painfully slow. I'm aware of these tips and of this, both helpful when you need a lot of iron... but not so much when you need an insane amount of it2.

(1): by decent, I mean automatic (or at least semiautomatic) and reliable. It doesn't need to yield a trillion ingots per hour, as long as it isn't slower than actually mining the iron, it's fine.

(2): I'm building a rather large auto-organizer storage system, and it will require 10.505 iron ingots for the hoppers alone. I'm already halfway there, but it's taking forever.

  • Not an answer, but I've built another of silentwisperer's iron farm designs, and it seems to at least function in Bedrock Edition, albeit with pretty marginal return rates. I didn't want to do that build b/c of all the "finding the village leader" stuff. I'm not sure the time investment is worth the return you get, but I haven't actually done a lot of AFK time around that farm. For the trading hall bit, I'm currently in the process of building Avomance's design, but having some issues with my villagers claiming job blocks. – G_Hosa_Phat Jan 14 at 23:05

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